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The Lizard Lifeboats Latest Shouts


8 November 2015 

The Lizard RNLI lifeboat launched to assist a 38ft yacht 19 miles south east of Lizard Point

The Lizard lifeboat was launched just after midday on Thursday 5 November  to a 38ft yacht ‘Golden Morn’ with one person on board after the vessel suffered engine failure and was struggling against the rough seas 19 miles off Lizard Point.

The lifeboat launched in near gale force winds with a rough sea and four metre swell. The lifeboat crew intercepted the yacht 14 nautical miles east south east of Lizard Point and once alongside the yacht, passed the occupant a towline. The vessel was then towed to Port Pendennis Marina, Falmouth. Due to the conditions it took over three hours to tow the yacht into Falmouth where the vessel was placed safely alongside.

The lifeboat crew were coxswain Andrew Putt, volunteer mechanic Nick Tattersall and volunteer deputy second coxswain Darren Thirlaway and volunteer crew members Simon Fayers, Brett Jose, Sam James and Neil Bundy.

The lifeboat returned to station just before 6pm after almost six hours at sea.

The attached photograph shows the yacht under tow by The Lizard lifeboat. Credit RNLI